How To Create Tunnel Vision Photographs Using Only a Straw and Your iPhone

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I received a Facebook message from a friend a short time ago challenging me to describe the method she used to create an image of a rose surrounded by a silky-pink tunnel. I found out she used a straw to create the beautiful image, and I decided I would experiment with the trick, and see what I could create.

Here is what you will need to try it yourself:

1. Scissors;

2. A straw (your choice of color);

3. The subject;

4. Your iPhone!

 Things you need

The first thing you need to do is cut the straw to a length you like. I cut my piece to 1 inch so I could at least place the piece between my index and middle-fingers comfortably while bracing one end against the iPhone camera lens. 

Straw piece on iPhone camera lens

I chose a toy dog as my subject for the picture. You can use your imagination for all the different images you can create using this trick. For example, I think it would be cool to try photographing someone in mid-air through the straw.

In the image below, I used Hipstamatic ($1.99) to photograph the toy. As you can see, the black and white gradient is pretty impressive for using that software alonee. The lens/film combination I used in Hipstamatic was Lucifer VI Lens and AO BW (Contained within The Portland HipstaPak).

Photographed using Hipstamatic

This next image was taken with CamWow (Free). I snapped it with the default CamWow camera setting. CamWow creates interesting bloating effects depending on the settings you choose.

Photographed using CamWow

I took this final image using ToonPaint ($1.99). I snapped the image in the app, clicked on the paint option, and selected the black and white feature set. The final image was this very interesting toy dog outline.

Photographed using ToonPAINT

Try your hand using these tips and let me know what you came up with!

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Author Details

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