Wordstop: The Next Big Gaming App? [review]


As a writer, it excites me to see how words are making a comeback in our society through games. This became apparent when Words with Friends (free) started to dominate the app scene and give Angry Birds ($0.99) a run for its money. While these games are both entertaining and offer unlimited gameplay, the general public is always looking for the next big game that will give them a chance to beat their friends in the public arena. A new game called Wordstop ($0.99) is turning traditional word gameplay on its head and forcing you to master the English language in a unique way. 

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From the outset, you can tell form the fun animation and bright colors that this game is just a fun pastime. The user interface is incredibly easy to navigate with only a few choices on the main screen.  The game allows even the most novice of players to start a game in under a minute. To get new players started, it offers a quick tutorial. Other than games in progress, the only other two buttons on the main screen are the Invite Friends tab and the Shop tab. These tabs are comparable to their counterparts in any other similar game.

Gameplay itself is unlike any game I have ever played. The object is basically to lose for as long as you can. If you lose long enough, you will eventually become the winner. In other words, the goal of this game is to play as many letters as possible toward creating an actual word without creating that word. The first person to spell an actual word loses that round. This is actually a lot more difficult than it may sound. What I really like about gameplay is that it is short. Even if you are “not spelling” a 10-letter word, it can take under a minute to get through a round. It forces players to discover all new words in the attempt to make a word as long as possible.  Wordstop does not leave players high and dry though; every time you win a game, you are rewarded with starts that can be used to purchase tools that give you an edge in the game and help you strategize for future games. 

While this game is fun, it would be nice to have a few more features involved. Right now, the game seems pretty simple, so it is easy to lose interest if your partner is not as involved in the game as you are. It would be awesome if there were more ways to thwart your opponent or give yourself extra points. There were a few issues with the game crashing on me, but I'm also testing a beta version of the app, so I am sure it will be addressed before the app release. 

There is little doubt in my mind that this game will grow in popularity, especially as the game begins to evolve. This is a great way to bone up on your words and challenge yourself to make the biggest words possible. If you are looking for a fun game that does not turn into a commitment, I would definitely suggest Wordstop.

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Arthur is an experienced freelance writer and iPhone fanatic. He enjoys writing articles about many subjects, but specializes in mobile technology, parenting, relationships, and fitness. Arthur has been featured in many prominent fitness and parenting publications as well as in "A Brave New Word" literary magazine. In his spare time, Arthur enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and of course, playing with his iPhone.