3 Baby Reference Apps Parents Can't Live Without

When it comes to having babies, all of your experiences will pretty much be brand new. Whether it's baby number one or number twenty, they are going to pull at least one thing you have never seen before. Where there were once old wives tales and home visits; now there are Google searches and frantic nurse line calls. Everywhere in between there we tend to turn to our smartphones for every answer.  Luckily for us there are enough smart people out there to have our every need covered.  If you have recently welcomed a new baby into your life these three apps are essential. 

1. Babycenter (Free)

This app is simple enough to navigate using one hand, which is great when you most likely have a baby in your other hand. You do have to create an account, but it's free and only needs an email address, password, and your baby’s age. Once you have created the account, it will immediately take you to the calendar. The calendar is a great tool that tells about your baby’s development every day. Mixed in between development news, you will find helpful tips on topics like safety, care, and parenting in general. It comes equipped with a to-do list, but it's honestly not any different than the other list apps you probably already have on your iPhone. The personal element is a nice thought as well with all of your baby’s information and his or her picture. Other features that make this app great are direct links to BabyCenter’s website and a membership to the birth club where you can communicate with other parents to get help and share ideas. 

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2. WebMD Baby (Free)

Any parent knows that from birth on, you never want your baby to leave your side. The first year is especially harrowing, and you may get one full night’s sleep and two breaths in for the first 365 days. WebMD has a pretty solid reputation and this iPhone app for babies is an extension of that. This app also requires an account, which is free and takes about three minutes to fill in the required information about you and your baby. Once you've registered, the app takes you directly to its home page, which has great featured articles.  The real magic of this app is the baby 101 tab, which is loaded with great reference tools including the medical references WebMD is known for. Past that, you will find parenting tips, an "Ask the Pediatrician" section, information on vaccines, and much more. There is a camera function in this app, but it is not any different than your normal camera. This app also comes with a pretty sweet journal that allows you to take notes, chronicle your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diaper changing, and create your own digital baby book. 

3. Baby Connect ($4.99)

Baby Connect helps busy parents to organize and track everything about their baby. Parents can track standard tasks like feeding and diaper changes, but it also goes a lot more in depth. You can track items like your baby’s mood, health, temperature, and even the times they take their medicine. It is simple to navigate and takes about five seconds to post any message. It does require you to register an account, and the initial cost of the app is a little high at $4.99. When it comes to tracking your baby’s every step, this is the best iPhone app for babies out there.

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Arthur is an experienced freelance writer and iPhone fanatic. He enjoys writing articles about many subjects, but specializes in mobile technology, parenting, relationships, and fitness. Arthur has been featured in many prominent fitness and parenting publications as well as in "A Brave New Word" literary magazine. In his spare time, Arthur enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and of course, playing with his iPhone.