Game Time Turns You into a True Arm Chair Quarterback

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There are surprisingly few football games for  iOS. There are even fewer that are worth downloading. One game that is challenging all the sports game developers to step up their game is Game Time with Mike Vick; and the best part it is free. If you are a football fan and don’t already have this game on your iDevice you should head to the app store now. Here's why:

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The gameplay itself is incredibly easy and fun. The tutorial takes about thirty seconds to complete and then you can jump right into actual games. The games are set up in a tournament with you competing in three brackets for the top spot. There are eight tournaments ranging from rookie to legend, with the level of difficulty increasing significantly each time. In the beginning there are only a few plays available to run through, but there are many more you can purchase from the money you earn from winning games.

What I really enjoy about the game play is that you get to play all of the fun parts of offense without bothering with other portions of the game. If you are looking to play defense you are out of luck with this game. But there is a fair amount of team management for a free game. There is a bench where you can add and remove players and a free agency where you can sign up more talented players. As you progress in the game more talented players become available, including Mike Vick himself. You can have fun naming your team and purchasing new uniforms for them. If you decide you no longer like your team, you can ditch them for a younger, better-looking team.  

As in most iOS games, you are able to share your achievements on your favorite social networking sites, and you can even post replays of your best plays. There are lot of achievements to unlock, but they are pretty basic and have no bearing on the game. What is more exciting is comparing your position on the worldwide leader board to that of your friends. The game is still pretty new, so it is not fully developed, and there is a promise of daily challenges and game day challenges that will help you to earn more money so you can get better players. 

It may not be the most perfect football game ever created, but it is one of the best for the iOS. Overall the game play went smoothly with few glitches. The game crashed and had to be restarted a few times, which was annoying, but I am sure it will be fixed in the next update. If you are a fan of football I suggest you give this game a try.

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