Fun iPhone Games to Get in the Halloween Spirit

Nothing beats the thrill of Halloween for kids. They get to dress up as their favorite character or spooky creature and go door to door hitting the neighborhood up for candy. If your house is anything like mine, the excitement of Halloween starts on Oct. 1st. For those kids (and parents) who live for that spooky day, here are five Halloween games to make the wait easier. 

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Haunted Halloween Escape (free)

This is a fun puzzle game for almost every age. It has just the right amount of spooky without becoming too scary or grotesque. The game is challenging enough to be engaging, but not so challenging that you feel like giving up right away. The only downside to this game is that there is only one level. It was so much fun that I wanted more. There is a link to the YouTube walkthrough to help you through the game if you fine it a little challenging


Pumpkin Creation (free)

This is a great game for younger kids. It is an excellent combination of spooky pumpkin carving mixed with fun dress up. Even in the free version the options are nearly limitless. There is a large selection of different facial features for your pumpkin, and that is just the beginning. The real fun starts once you have chosen a color for your pumpkin and given him a face. The accessories that you can add to your Jack-O-Lantern are plentiful.  Even the background and candle color are customizable.


Halloween Spooky Sound Box ($1.99)

Spooky box s an awesome app for Halloween. It has some adult themes and is rated 9+. The app may not be for every age, but it is the best Halloween sound box in the app store. Even the free version has a reasonable number of sounds, including both scary sounds and haunting melodies. What is especially cool about this app is that you can loop the sounds to make your own spooky sound track. It is great for a quick scare or setting the ambiance for the entire Halloween night. 


No Zombies Allowed (free)

This is a great game to play any time of the year, but it definitely gets you in the Halloween spirit. This may not be the best one for your kids depending on how you feel about violent games. If you don't mind the violence, it is a pretty spectacular game. You won't just be hunting zombies in this game; you are charged with repopulating an entire town while stopping zombies at the gate and making supply runs. The scariest part of this game is just how addictive it is. 


Jack O' Lantern Scary Nightmare Halloween Adventure (free)

This is a surprisingly charming experience for such a simple game. The game is played by moving a funny little pumpkin-headed guy forward and backward, up and down, in order to dodge a barrage of ghosts and ghouls and keep them grom getting the pumpkin gold. This game is a great way to kill some time while you wait for Halloween to get here.  

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