Twig Case Company: iPhone Covers Made From Sustainably Harvested Wood

With so many bamboo iDevice cases on the market, it's hard to know which case to go with. If you are looking for a new case that is environmentally friendly and quality, you should check out Twig Case Company

Founded in October of 2011, Twig Case Co. began quite uniquely. Co-founder John Woodland was building a guitar made purely of Forest Stewardship Council Certified wood for the lead singer of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy. Tweedy liked the material so much he wanted and would later receive the first iPhone case certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance. 

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Dubbed "The Paper Case", Twig's products are made from a special material called Richlite. In short, Richlite comes from FSC Certified trees around the world. The wood is made into paper and then dyed, layered, and baked with a special eco-friendly resin. Voila! Richlite. Unlike bamboo, Richlite doesn't split!

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So what does the "The Paper Case" look like? The Twig Case Co. offers cases in black, blue, brown, green, red, and pink. In addition, the company has two-toned cases and many, many designs. Each case has a unique name, but are made just like the others. My favorite designs are Bubble Up, Bunker, and It's Only Mountains. Bamboo is my personal color choice. 

The cases have a few more interesting features as well. You can write on them with pencil and erase it. It is paper, after all! Another awesome feature is the case that the case comes in can be turned into an awesome stand for your iPhone.

The leaf cutout around the camera lens reminds you how environmentally friendly you are being. Twig designed one of the largest cut outs for less flash interference.

My personal favorite aspect of this company is that it creates, manufactures, packages, and ships from America. A rarity in today's marketplace, I love feeling like I am helping out an American company.

I have really enjoyed my Twig cases and highly recommend them. Some brief advice is to read the pink slip inside the case when you open it. It says to not press the buttons without the case on. I found out the hard way that the buttons are only meant to be pressed with the iPhone in. On my new Twig case, I have no issues at all with the buttons and find them easy to press. 

iPhone 5 cases retail for between $60-$80iPhone 4/4S cases retail for $50-$60. The company is currently working on iPad cases that will be compatible with the iPad 2/3.

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