Tony Fadell: The Real iPod Creator


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Todays guest blogger is Elias Cortez 


Inventions and discoveries were celebrated in the past – maybe because they were rare or far-between or revolutionary.  The word ‘invention’ brings to mind the great stalwarts of the past, like Bell, Einstein and the who’s who of the alumni.  Life has been in the fast lane for the past couple of decades; new things are being invented and discovered every day and moment.  They are invented, made and become a hot market product in no time at all – gives us little time to ponder on the who’s and how’s.

For most of you, life without an iPod, iPad or iPhone is unthinkable; how will you listen to favorite tracks or see the images and movies on the go.  Your life is practically on the ‘go’ most of the time and you carry your essentials with you all the time.  You are always on the look out for the latest gadgets and gizmos which suits your life-style and grab your choice off the shelf at the first chance.  Life becomes easy, life is cool.

Sometimes you may pause and think how you got the slick item – who thought about it.  Someone obviously did pay attention to your needs and your future needs and so thought, invented and made the stuff.  Similarly, iPod was first an idea that was given shape, molded to meet the desires of people like you and me.  Anthony Fadell or more popularly known as Tony Fadell was the one to tinker with the thought of having any music at the flick of a button while you are on the go.  IPod was invented.  Salute the original thinker.

Tony Fadell is a computer science engineer, whose job is with hardware and computers and machines.  He must be passionate about his work to make him think of innovative ideas – because a passion or love makes us creative. Was he lucky to have been born at a time that brought his maturing years in close contact with drastic technical advancements?  According to all the write-ups about him, Tony Fadell was born in 1969.

Mid-July 2004, Tony Fadell came up with the brilliant notion of a palm-held music store – this still needed to materialize.  He was around thirty-five years of age and had been living and earning computers for the past few years now.

All ideas cannot be translated into reality every time – for the lack of a backing and financial help.  Tony Fadell’s idea too may not have seen the daylight if he did not get the help at the right time.  Apple Computers and Portal Players contributed individually to make the idea real.  Apple brought along its name, reputation and money – vital inputs for such sophisticated products to emerge in the market.  Portal Players had the required software, which needed to be honed upon to get the correct medium for the final product.  Combined together, they realized Tony Fadells’ idea and brought us the iPod to carry around in our palms and be happy.

It is a pleasure to give a thought to the story behind the everyday gizmos we take for granted.  Nice way to say thanks to the person who had the vision.


About The Author: Elias Cortez is a freelance writer and the editor of - a website which provides detailed reviews and information for popular netbook models plus other top rated netbooks for 2011. 

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The guest blogger program at iPhone Life features blogs from expert users who want to write about their area of interest or expertise.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger for iPhone Life please visit