Get on the bus! Essential Back to School Apps for Students of Every Age

Whether you’re looking for an app to help your pigtailed kindergartener master her first lessons, or you’re a grad student frantically sucking down coffee and pulling all nighters working on your thesis, there are some great iPhone apps that can help you accomplish your educational goals; whatever they may be. I took these few for a test drive for you and found them to be every bit as fun as they are educational. In fact, kids will have so much fun using these apps, they won’t even notice they’re doing something educational—what could be better than that?

With Teach Me: Kindergarten parents can help supplement what their children are learning in school. It covers basic addition and subtraction, early spelling and sight word recognition. Parents have the ability to adjust the number of correct answers their child gets before they receive a virtual sticker as a reward. Parents can also adjust the skill level and select which subject they want their child to focus on. It’s a great way to get kids excited about math and reading!
Remember how much fun it was to play Mad Libs when you were a kid—filling in blanks with random verbs, nouns, numbers and adjectives to create absurd and hilarious stories? That was a good time, wasn’t it? Now kids ages 6 and up can enjoy the educational and silly fun, and the best part is they don’t even realize they’re learning! Mad Libs are great for encouraging reading, reinforcing parts of
speech, inspiring creative thinking and writing practice, and reinforcing vocabulary. Stories can even be emailed to friends and family to share the laughs. Every once in a while, everyone needs to laugh so hard they have milk coming out of their nose. This is a great way to make that happen!
Kids ages ten and up can learn a lot about geography through text, pictures, videos, quizzes, and activities from this app by Discovery Education. It’s fact-filled with plenty of information about many aspects of US geography. There’s information about local culture, water features, land features, and climate. Supplementary video and news stories help reinforce the information and put it into context. U.S.
Geography not only teaches kids, but it quizzes them too! After completing the quizzes and challenges in the app, scores can be posted on proud mom or dad’s Facebook wall! Bragging rights, anyone?
Never forget the due date for a research paper or a homework assignment ever again! With inClass students can simply enter the due dates for upcoming assignments and receive notifications that the deadlines are approaching. They can take photo, video, audio or text notes. Notes are even exportable to a desktop computer through iTunes. This is a great app! Even though students might start
hating their phones for delivering the bad news, they’ll love it when they’ve gotten their homework done on time and have the A’s to prove it!
Great for a high schooler working on a complicated writing assignment, or for an older student toiling away on a Master’s thesis, Documents to Go lets you bring .doc and .docx files with you on your iPhone in fully formatted form. What makes this app pretty cool is that you can format, cut, paste, and find and replace instead of trying to work with a text only version of your document. So, those late night writing sessions can be cleaned up on the way to school! (Unless you’re driving, in which case taking the bus would probably be a better idea!) With a quick trip to the iPhone store, students can equip themselves with some of the tools to help them enjoy a fun and successful school year. After taking these apps for a spin, I kind of want to go back to school myself! Happy Fall parents and students! Have an app-tacular school year!
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