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Today's Guest Blog is by Eric Carter:

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Okay, check it out. Sitting on the beach with a cool glass of guava juice in one hand and my iPhone 3Gs in the other. I just sent a tweet about Poli Hale, which is one of the sweetest beaches in the world to my Twitter page. The view of the ocean couldn’t be more precious as my glance hangs just above my 15 inch macbook pro. As I sit to work the keyword-research for a site I am developing to help automate income on the Internet, I catch a penetrating glimpse at just how lucky we all are in this day and age!

With a cell phone and a laptop we are completely connected, completely free and limited only by our own boundaries. Today is the day to invest in technology and openly claim the power that it offers. I feel that collectively, humanity is shifting to a new paradigm. One that transcends the old notion of having to settle for unhappiness with our daily work to make ends meet, to one that is allowing us to align more with our heart. Aligning with the influence that we have to offer the world that no one else does.

Six sick iPhone apps to help rising entrepreneurs conquer the world:

Social Media - Cover the bases, we gotta stay connected ya’ll

  1. Skype – No brainer
  2. facebook – Currently 136.7 M monthly in the US alone
  3. Twitter
  4. Hootsuite -  Has a great app for managing more than one Twitter account

Save time

  1. Dragon Dictation – Allows you to translate voice into text
  2. OmniFocus – Task management

Personally, my iPhone is straight up power and potential just sitting in my pocket 24/7. Potential that increases everyday with the attention and collaboration of millions of people worldwide. How can we tap into that!?

If we could all organize our days in the same clean, efficient fashion that Apple uses on its designs we could do more with less effort in less time. So I say, let us refine our days. Let us refine our routines. Let us put our attention on more of what we want, and less on what we know we can get. Let us work from our hearts and build powerful relationships. Let us use today’s tools like social media, and phone conferencing to build confidence and credibility in our niche. Most importantly, let us define our lives by what brings us joy, as opposed to spending our days saving and saving for something that may never come.


Eric Carter is a Director and Co-owner of Galaxy Ninja consulting. Some fortes include: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and content creation. Eric has lived in some of the most beautiful spots on the planet ranging 4 countries. Some locations include: Tahoe, Kauai Hawaii, Northern California, and India.

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The guest blogger program at iPhone Life features blogs from expert users who want to write about their area of interest or expertise.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger for iPhone Life please visit