Griffin's Survivor iPad Case Protects Against Whatever Comes Your Way

The real world throws a lot of stuff our way and sometimes our electronics get the brunt of it. We're busy running around and living, which can leave our handheld devices vulnerable to scratches and chips. I've been called a bull in a china shop when it comes to handling delicate things. So, needless to say I needed to try the Griffin Survivor iPad Case ($56.99), durable enough for anything.

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Down And Dirty

After doing some research, I decided to buy Griffin's Survivor for the iPad. And I definitely made the right choice. As soon as I took it out I noticed the silicone was top quality, which is always a good sign. Griffin boasts testing and certifying each product to meet conditions specified by the US and UK Departments of Defense. This thing is heavy duty and great under some of the worst conditions.

Going Out And About

If you spend any time outdoors, but still need access to your gadget, the Survivor won't let you down. It offers protection against wind and rain through its integrated clear shield. You won't have to worry about leaks and rain damage, so you can rest easy.

Only Good Vibes

I'm pretty clumsy, so the internal frame that protects against shocks and drops will keep your iPad glass from shattering. You could probably jump up and down on it and it would still be okay. Actually, no. Don't try that. But your iPad will fit snuggly in the case, so there won't be any unnecessary jostling. Great for those times when you're on the go!

Bang For Your Buck

If you're looking for a reasonably priced, durable iPad carrying case, I would suggest buying Griffin's Survivor for the iPad. You really will get a bang for your buck. It's a smart investment for anyone who needs a little extra help keeping their handheld devices safe and sound.

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