The Top 5 Bible Apps, an Updated List

The Bible is one of the most read books worldwide. And with the emergence of iOS devices, there have been numerous apps available for those to partake in the Good Book. Since the last article on this topic, applications that give one an in-depth Bible reading and learning experience have improved a great deal. Here are five choice apps from the lot:

1. Bible+ (free)

This app by Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc. has become a favorite among users because of the ability to sync between different devices without a problem. It comes with two versions, the King James and the English Standard. You can also download maps of locations mentioned throughout as well. In addition, Bible+ also allows you to share verses via your social media feeds. It's available for the iPhone and iPad only, sorry iPod Touch users.


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2. (free)

This app stands out partly because it was created by a ministry that specializes in spreading the gospel worldwide, and partly because you can actually watch re-enacted video scenes of different passages in the Bible. Combine those features with the ability to listen to selected passages and is a strong addition to the field.


3. Bible (free)

This Bible app has become a default app among both iOS and Android users over the past couple of years. It's simple and straightforward and recent updates now allow you to read offline. One notable feature of this app allows you to work with a free YouVersion account to better organize your notes and share passages. This is one of the few Bible-related apps that give you a wide variety of versions without charge.

4. Bible Gateway (free)

This Bible app is unique in its layout, giving the user a lot of information in a clean but compelling array. There is a parallel reading feature for translations available here, but it's only when you are online. Bible Gateway also gives you daily verse quotes and comes with the requisite social media share function.

5. Holy Bible (free)

This app is different from the others because its developer is a missionary by trade. It also stands out among others as a pure reference app; it gives you the Bible in a straightforward manner. A drawback would be that you have to make an in-app purchase just to compile study notes during your reading. There are features for highlighting certain passages quickly and with no fuss, and it does allow for full iCloud syncing and backup. 

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Christopher Smith is a contributing founder/writer for Manifesto Magazine in NYC and is an indie rock reviewer for Independent Music Productions. Christopher's work has appeared in The Smoking Section, King Magazine, Parle Magazine, & IAMOnlineMag. He has two published books of poetry and runs several blogs.