ReFleece Seeking Fleece Jackets and Funds for Upcycled iPad Cases

These days, the environment is on everyone’s mind. From climate change to dwindling natural resources, many companies have begun creating products in a more environmentally conscious way. One such company stepping to the forefront is ReFleece.

ReFleece is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller. They created the company with an eye for creating products with highly sustainable practices and terrific design. Among their most popular products are their sleeves and cases for the iPad and iPad Mini. These covers feature interiors made of reclaimed fleece from recycled Patagonia jackets and sweaters. The rugged, water-resistant exterior is made of recycled PET plastic.

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Sam Palmer's relationship with Patagonia goes back to his days helping to design the company’s first-ever surfboard. The texture and shade of each case's lining is unique, because the recycled source material varies. For example, the iPad cases come in eight interior color options, but each individual case takes on a different hue based on the materials. ReFleece’s iPad covers are also available for purchase via Patagonia and Amazon. They even offer the cases in stores in their home area of Boston, MA, as well as in New York City, among other places.

Seeing the demand for their covers rising, the founders of ReFleece have undertaken a Kickstarter campaign entitled "The Great ReFleece," which ends May 22. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 and asks people to send in used sweaters, blankets, and other fleece products to ReFleece so the company can make iPad and other tablet covers. In addition, they’re also looking to produce new products such as coasters and 4-square organizers.
To date, the campaign has 78 backers and has raised nearly $5,000. With its iPad covers and sleeves, ReFleece has created a gold standard for the fusion of responsible manufacturing and effective design for iOS products going forward. Stay in the loop via Facebook at
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