Introduce Serenity and Decrease Clutter With the iSkelter Classic Station

If there's one persisting issue at your workstation at home or in the office, it's clutter. Even the advent of iOS devices and their sleek and unobtrusive designs won't make a dent in the pile of pens, keys, and other things on your desk at times. But a new product brought to you by proposes to change that, and it's called the iSkelter Classic Station.

The Classic Station is designed to be a simple, lightweight universal caddy for your iPhone and other items you normally have on you daily. Standing in at 11 inches × 4 inches × .75 inches, the station is a decent size for your desktop. It has three separate compartments: one for your phone, a pen, and one for miscellaneous other stuff like keys for example.

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For those who are environmentally conscious, it's made from 100 percent rapidly-renewable bamboo, which means you can recycle and harvest it in a ten-year cycle. As lightweight as it is, the Classic Station is remarkably sturdy. And its natural finish adds a touch of calm elegance to any setting.

What has to be considered is that the Classic Station's main purpose is to reduce your desk clutter. It's not a charging station, so some
who desire that in a caddy may be reluctant to pick it up. Another concern is the phone slot's size. If you have a smartphone with a particularly thick outer case, you may find it will either not fit or be a tad too snug to sit securely. And depending on the size of your desktop and its setup, the length may pose a bit of a challenge. That aside, the Classic Station is a dependable caddy that does give you a mellow feeling once it's in place next to your computer instead of all of that loose change and lint.

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Christopher Smith is a contributing founder/writer for Manifesto Magazine in NYC and is an indie rock reviewer for Independent Music Productions. Christopher's work has appeared in The Smoking Section, King Magazine, Parle Magazine, & IAMOnlineMag. He has two published books of poetry and runs several blogs.