Cracking Sands — Free iOS Game of the Day

Every day, old and new games alike become free in the App Store in an effort to attract more fans. I'm here to find and share fun iOS games with iPhone Life readers, all for the price of $0.00! Now that's a deal anyone can take.

Cracking Sands by Polarbit ($4.99 to FREE)

If you love Mario Cart, you will enjoy Cracking Sounds. Armed with a vehicle and some attached weapons, you must battle your way to the finish line, by any means necessary. In order to use the weapons on your vehicle, you must first charge up with electricity. Charge packs lay randomly around the map, which you must find to power up your vehicle attachments.

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In the garage, you have the option to customize your character with a variety of accessories. You also can upgrade your vehicle and weapons, but it will cost you some credits, which you can collect while playing. 

If this game sounds like it's for you, make sure to download it today; who knows how long it will stay free!

In this screencast I show you the first race of the campaign and how I dominate on the track. I also give you a quick look at what's available in the garage. 


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Rolando Varela is an iOS addict. He loves writing in his spare time, especially reviews of iOS games and apps. Rolando keeps a regular column for iOS fans tracking the latest app promotions and sales.