How to Replace a Smashed iPhone Screen

Your iPhone screen can suffer damage in many different situations. You can crack your iPhone's LCD digitizer by simply resting against a wall with your phone in your pocket. The screen also can suffer from dead pixel spots within the digitizer. Dead pixel spots prevent you from interacting with the screen in a specific area of the screen. Many people don't know what to do when they end up with a cracked or smashed iPhone screen. The good news is you can simply order a do-it-yourself screen replacement kit to remove the old screen and replace it with a new one.

Since the iPhone is so well constructed, taking it apart to access the digitizer screen can seem like a difficult task. Before you replace the screen on your phone, you'll need to use the proper tools to gain access to the screen (watch the video above for a list of tools you'll need). The tools and the screen swap kit will allow you to lift the tabs covering the screws and remove them so you can carefully take the digitizer screen out of the phone base. You will need to nudge the screen out carefully. While you could manually remove it with your hands, it is not advisable because it can damage other components of your phone.

iPhone 3GS Digitizer Full Kit

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An iPhone color conversion replacement kit or an iPhone 3GS digitizer replacement kit will include the correct tools to easily remove the securing screws so you can lift the frame off.

Once you've lifted the frame off, you can disconnect the video cable from the digitizer screen, and use the wedge tool to assist in removing the digitizer screen from the base. Once you've removed the cracked digitizer screen, you can simply insert and connect the new digitizer replacement screen from the replacement kit. After placing the frame back onto the phone and re-tightening the screws, you will be able to interact with your phone screen normally.

Using a do-it-yourself replacement kit is much cheaper than sending it to a company for repair. You only have to pay for the replacement parts rather than paying for both parts and labor costs. If you ever experience a cracked screen or broken parts on your phone, you can always order a replacement part kit or the individual replacement parts you need to restore your phone to its original condition. 

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