Change the Look of Your iPhone with Custom Skins

So you just bought and iPhone and realize the only two colors it comes in are black and white. Aside from making calls, this extremely popular smartphone can Facetime, take great pictures, play music, and more. So many people have chosen to buy one, they've become a dime a dozen. Therefore your phone won't stand out, and is exactly like everyone else's iPhone. You've checked out Otterbox cases, but they are bulky and expensive and make the phone hard to get in and out of your pocket. If this describes you, it’s time you checked out iPhone skins!

The video below shows how to apply a custom skin from dbrand ($16).

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iPhone skins afford light protection from dents and scratches and also add style to your phone without adding the bulk of a case. Aside from choosing a fun color, you can also choose a skin with a unique texture. dbrand's iPhone skins come with three different texture options, including leather, carbon fiber, and brushed titanium. With many colors and textures to choose from, go ahead and customize your phone to match your unique personality.

This video shows the features of skins from, which range in price from $4.99 to $9.99.

Once you purchase a skin, applying it is very simple and takes just a few minutes. Made from authentic 3M vinyl, these skins won’t leave a sticky residue behind should you decide to change it later. You also don't have to worry about the skin not fitting your phone because it is precisely measured to fit. Each cutout has been measured down to the micro-millimeter. So the next time you are getting ready to spend money on a phone cover, think about all of the benefits of choosing a skin for your iPhone.

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