Apple Seeks to Restore its Glory with Next iPhone Model

Apple has perfected the art of raking in huge profits through small marketshares. Android continues to outdo Apple in terms of sheer volume, but when it comes to profitability, iPhone and iPad are at the top of list. In order to continue as a dominant force in the market, Apple needs to keep on releasing high-caliber smart mobile devices that are heads and shoulders above devices offered by rival manufacturers.

The rumors circulating about the iPhone 5S suggest Apple is planning to revamp its flagship device. The market is buzzing with rumors of Apple’s next release. There are many questions we want answers to: How different will the next phone be from its predecessors? When is Apple going to release it? How much will it cost?

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Let's take a look at the most persistent rumors and try to get some answers.

Will Apple's Next Model be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?

If we take our cue from recent history, we can expect Apple to call the new smartphone the iPhone 5S, just as we had a midway version between iPhone 3 & 4 and iPhone 4 & 5. However, some analysts still speculate that we can expect a major upgrade, which would suggest going directly to iPhone 6, bypassing iPhone 5S.


When will Apple Release the New Device?

We were expecting a new iPhone this summer, and while there is no confirmed release date, many rumors suggest it will be released in September. Some sources suggest the iPhone 5S will release this fall along with the new iOS 7. We know Verizon has offered an iPhone 5 price cut of about $100. This signals that a new release is in the near future. While Apple may release the iPhone 5S in the coming weeks and wait until next summer to release iPhone 6, we can be sure of one thing—the next version of the iPhone will hit the shelves in the next few weeks or months.

What New Features Can We Expect in the Next iPhone?

At the very least, we can be sure the new device will be running the latest iOS 7 system. We have seen 128 GB iPad, and it is possible Apple also will release an iPhone 128 GB version this time. We have seen Apple increase the power of the processor with every new release. The iPhone 5's core processor is dual core A6. We can safely assume the next iPhone will have an improved A6 processor or A7 quad core processor.

While there have been rumors in the past about forthcoming iPhones with larger, phablet-sized screens or an iPhone mini with a smaller screen, recent rumors do not support such a release within the next few months. Rumors have included iPhone Math or iPhone+ with a larger screen that replicates a phablet experience. A smaller, low-priced iPhone mini also has been rumored to be in the works, but these variant devices are separate from the flagship iPhone and may not be released alongside the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 this fall.

Samsung has been making inroads in the premium smartphone market through its Galaxy Note series, and the improbable phablet is gaining immense popularity all over the world. By releasing iPhone variants with smaller and larger screens, Apple could appeal to users who are not satisfied with conventional screen sizes.


New camera technology from Sony—Apple's main supplier—could make it possible for Apple to dramatically increase the capability of the iPhone camera. Sony has invented a smartphone camera with a 13 megapixel sensor. This means the next iPhone camera may be a lot more powerful, may shoot a lot better in low-light conditions, and enable users to make HDR recordings.

Other expected innovations are better 4G, as current support for 4G in iPhone 5 is limited to the 1800Mhz band. The field of 4G is growing, and there are more players in the market. The new iPhone may offer support to more networks. Another potential addition to the new device could be support for extremely high Wi-Fi speeds using Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard. Support for NFC for secure mobile payment also is expected this time round.

These are some of the most believable rumors. The rumormill seems to be working overtime, and there are dozens of other rumors including that of 3D technology on iPhone and the ability to click 3D images.

Will we see iPhone 5S followed by iPhone 6 next year, or will Apple jump straight to iPhone 6? Will we see bigger screens as a part of iPhone or will they be separate devices? Are we going to see a big upgrade this time, or will Apple just release an iPhone 5S only marginally better than iPhone 5? Only time will tell.

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