Poll: What Our Readers Wanted Most from Apple's Product Announcement

In an open discussion on our Facebook and Google+ pages, we asked our readers what they wanted most from Apple during its special event yesterday. Here's what they said:

1) iPad mini with Retina Display

The No.1 response we received was that our readers yearned for an iPad mini with a Retina display. Apple must have been listening, considering the company announced not only a mini with Retina display but also an A7 processor with 64-bit architecture. 

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2) iPads with Touch ID

The remaining responses were split among the following products and features, which sadly, didn't come to fruition during Apple's event yesterday. Why do you think Apple chose not to include Touch ID with either the iPad Air or iPad mini?


Mockup by Thomas Bogner

3) iWatch

Some of us at iPhone Life thought (or hoped) Apple might make an early announcement for an iWatch before producing the device. Apple let us down on this one, but new mockups of the elusive device keep circulating the Internet, continuing to pique our interest. Maybe our wishes will come true next year?


4) iOS 7 Fixes

A couple of readers expressed frustration with iOS 7, some saying it wasn't functioning correctly and others saying they didn't like the look and wanted the option to opt out. While iOS 7 fixes weren't part of Apple's announcement, the company just released an update to iOS 7 that addresses some common issues, such as failed iMessages and accelerometer calibration errors.

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Donna Cleveland is the editor in chief of iPhone Life magazine. After a stint as a newspaper reporter, she became web editor at iPhone Life, where she continues to pair her penchant for storytelling with her love of Apple products. Donna holds a masters degree from the University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication. She also co-hosts the feminist podcast Women & Radio.