Mobile Malware Invaders Go Easy on Apple [Infographic]

With more than 1 billion smartphones now in circulation worldwide, hackers have found new fertile ground for malware. According to security research firm Juniter Networks, moblile malware apps have mushroomed more than 600 percent in the past year, as opposed to 155 percent the year before.

But for iPhone users, the news isn’t all bad. In its report, Juniper Networks found that 92 percent of the malware came from Google's Android devices, not from iDevices. By contrast, in 2011, Android accounted for only 47 percent of threats and made up only 24 percent of threats in 2010. The firm said hackers could be targeting Android because it is the market with the greatest return on investment, as Android phones accounted for 67.7 percent of all smartphones shipped in 2012.

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The report also said hackers could be targeting Android over Apple because Apple has tighter regulation over the apps it allows in the App Store.

Below is an infographic from security company, SecurityCoverage Inc., which is a playful take on the invasion taking place within the fast-growing smartphone market. The company used its own research plus figures from AV-Test, FireEye Inc., and 2011 Data Breach Investigations to create the infographic.

“Mobile users often don’t realize they’re carrying a mini computer in their hand. That means they face the same threats seen on desktop computers, plus the very real risk of loss or theft,” said SecurityCoverage President and CEO Robert O’Dell.

Social media has made people even more susceptible to malware, according to the graphic. In the first quarter of 2013, hackers attacked 250,000 Twitter accounts, 1 million Scribd accounts, and 50 million Living Social accounts. 

The graphic shares several easy ways to help protect your phone. Aside form getting antivirus and malware protection, SecurityCoverage said simply updating your phone to the latest operating system, using complex passwords, and storing files on secure cloud tech can eliminate most mobile threats.

Digital Attacks Infographic | SecurityCoverage, Inc.


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