iOS and Android Battle in a 'Brave New Digital World' (Infographic)

Android vs. iOS: User Differences Every Developer Should Know

We have officially entered into a “Brave New Digital World” of constant connectivity, according to Internet technology analyst, comScoreCurrently, 125 million U.S. consumers have smartphones and 50 million own a tablet. In the past year, smart phone subscribers have increased 29 percent. Not only that, but 72 percent of mobile device purchases now consist of smartphones.

comScore's infographic, titled, “Android vs. iOS: User Differences Every Developer Should Know,” presents some of the major findings in the company's annual report, which analyzes trends in mobile media consumption. It breaks down use by the two operating systems dominating today’s mobile landscape — Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android — which make up 90 percent of the smartphone market today.

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comScore attributed the amazing growth in mobile media consumption in part to improved availability of high-speed internet, and default Wi-Fi accessibility on most devices.

This infographic is designed to give app developers essential information about their market.

While the graph titled, "Smartphone Market Share by Mobile Operating System" displays Android’s OS sales substantial lead over iOS, it’s important to note the iPhone continues to be the leading smartphone in the United States. comScore reported the iPhone's claim of 37.8 percent market share, with a considerable lead over Samsung, which fell in second place at 21.4 percent.

Other interesting facts:

  • Android supports 700,000 apps whereas iOS supports 775,000 in Apple’s App Store;
  • More than a third of the U.S. population now own a smartphone;
  • A fact I found most striking is that 80 percent of people who currently use an iPhone have owned one in the past (Talk about customer loyalty!);
  • I also found it interesting to see the income levels of smartphone users. Comparatively, iPhones are the device of choice for high-income households. 41 percent of iPhone users make more than $100,000 a year, whereas 24 percent of Android users make that much;
  • At the same time, a larger share (19 percent) of Apple users fall into the young, up-and-coming-user category, compared to 16 percent of Android users.

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