Hopes and Fears for Google Glass [Infographic]

Hype is building as Google prepares to release its new "augmented reality" eyewear, Google Glass. While the device is bound to break new ground, this infographic by greatbusinessschools.org focuses on the gamble Google is willing to make in order to pioneer an emerging industry of wearable technology.

The graphic, compiled from recent media reports, outlines the main areas of potential concern; the device's reliance on users' data connection, look and feel, price point, and privacy concerns.

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Reliance on Data Connection

Google Glass will be tethered to Wi-Fi or your smartphone's data connection via an iOS or Android devices. In areas without Wi-Fi, it will rely on your data connection. This could lead to inconsistent functionality.

The Look

As a wearable device, Google faces the challenging of making it look cool and discrete, not nerdy. More importantly, the device must be safe and the super-imposed display must be unobtrusive. 

While developers are currently testing out the prototype, some say Google Glass could face hurdles with the every-day user.

Privacy Concerns

It could be hard to regulate a device one could so easily use to snap pictures or video without anyone being the wiser.

But as The New York Times reported, the technology giant is demonstrating a good deal of forethought when it comes to potential issues facing Google Glass, releasing extensive guidelines for prospective app developers Monday. For instance, developers for the eyewear's apps, dubbed Glassware, will not be allowed to display ads or collect user data.

The Price Tag

With a current price tag of $1,500, it's hard to bill Glass as a bargain. But Google says it hopes to sell a less expensive and improved version to concumers by the end of the year.

Right now the device is only available to Google developers and mambers of Google's Explorer program. By the way, Iphone Life editor-in-chief Alex Cequea happens to be one of the lucky few Google selected to partake in the Explorer program! (Stay tuned for updates from him!)

Google Gambles on Glass


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