Tip of the Day: How to Start an iMovie on Your iPhone and Finish on a Mac Without Using AirDrop

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People live busy lives. Apple understands this, which is why many of their apps are able to interact with one another across multiple platforms. But if you’re like me and not the biggest fan of AirDrop, here is a quick and simple way to begin an iMovie on your iPhone or iPad and continue editing it on your Mac later using Dropbox. 

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Step 1: Download Dropbox on your Mac and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Download the Dropbox app on to your iPhone and sign in using the same account you used on the computer. 

Step 3: Allow Dropbox to wirelessly upload content from your camera roll (this is also a great way to safeguard your photos). You will have the choice to do this over a cellular network or with Wi-Fi only.

Step 4: Take some really awesome video.

Step 5: Open your video footage in iMovie and begin the editing process. 

Step 6: If you aren’t finished editing your movie and you know you’ll want to work on it later using a larger screen, save your movie to your camera roll.

Step 7: Find the nearest Wi-Fi location, open your Dropbox app, and sync your camera roll with your Dropbox account. 

Step 8: When you get home and back to your desktop, open up iMovie on your Mac.

Step 9: Create a New Project in iMovie (or add new clips to a preexisting movie).

Step 10: Go up to File at the top of your screen. Click on File>Import>Movies.

Step 11: Find the Dropbox folder on your computer. 

Step 12: Find the movie you previously worked on. 

Step 13: Import.

Step 14: Continue working on your movie. 

Top image credit: Pinkyone/Shutterstock.com.
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