The Toughest & Slimmest iPhone 6 Cases

I've shared with you how important it is to protect your iDevices—I was recently able to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 ($299) and received $295 from Gazelle for my "old" iPhone 5S because it was in stellar condition. My new iPhone 6 cost me $4 because I kept a case and screen protector on it at all times.

While I'm all for protecting my phone, I'm not someone who likes to use big and bulky cases. I thought I'd share with you my favorite protective cases that are tough, yet slim. 

Otterbox Symmetry ($39.95-44.95) This is my go-to case for everyday use. The Symmetry case has a protective ledge around the outside of the screen to protect against face-down drops and the plastic back allows the case to be easily slid into a pocket or purse. This one-piece case is made of both hard plastic and a silicone for extra durable protection. Available in five colors and four patterns. 

Otterbox Symmetry Case

Speck Candyshell ($34.95) The Speck Candyshell will add just .16 inches onto your iPhone. You read that right. The slimmest of the slim cases, the Candyshell one-piece case includes both hard and soft plastic layers to protect your phone against all kinds of drops. There is a raised ledge around the screen. Available in eight colors. Inked patterned series is also available starting at $39.95.

Speck Candyshell Case

Cellairis Challenger ($49.99) This two-piece tough case has a "tailgate" that protects your phone's ports from dirt and dust. The built-in screen protector is a bonus that most other cases don't have included, but I highly recommend. The raised area around the screen means that your glass is well protected. The rubber grip pattern on the sides is another great feature of the Challenger. Available in eight colors. 

Cellairis Challenger Case

Ventev Aria ($24.99) The Aria case by Ventev is a slim but durable case for everyday use. The raised accent lines on the back of the case help you grip it better, and the metal button covers on the sides give it a fun touch of class. The raised edge around the screen helps to protect against scratches and drops. The metal buttons are much easier to click, too! Available in two colors. 

Ventev Aria Case

PureGear DualTek Extreme ($34.99) The PureGear DualTek Extreme case has an ergonomic grip, and is rated to keep your phone safe for drops up to six feet. The two-layer protection is perfect for those who need a little extra peace of mind, and the raised area around the screen will keep your screen safe. I love the extra padding on the corners, which is where I typically drop mine. Available in five colors. 

PureGear DualTek Case

STM Harbour ($24.99) This one-piece case is made of two durable plastics to protect your iPhone every day. It even has a hinged "kickstand" so you can easily prop it up. The kickstand also helps you get the case on and off your phone without struggle. Slight raised edge around the screen. Available in four colors. 

STM Harbour Case


Don't forget a screen protector! Otterbox and Ventev both offer tough screen protectors. Much thicker than the basic protectors you'll normally find, these are definitely worth the extra money as they'll protect your phone from face-down drops and scratches. You won't notice a thing when using your phone, though—they won't get in the way of your gaming or texting. A huge bonus of these screen protectors is that they're easier to apply than the thinner versions. 

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