Three Must-Have Holiday Gifts For Teens!


It’s that time of year… the holiday season is upon us and parents of teens everywhere are scrambling for “cool” gifts for our kids! We all want to be the cool parents, right?

My son and his friends have tested some of the best iPhone accessories on the market this year, and have chosen to deem three of them must-have gifts for this holiday season! To us, these items are must-have because they're practical, easy to use, and more than anything else - cool. You won’t find any crocheted iPhone covers here!

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Must-Have Portable Charger

New Trent iCarrier Dual iPhone Charger, $129.99

                                            iPhone Charger, Portable Charger

The New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh battery charger can powerfully charge two iPhones at the same time! Our iPhone 4S’ were fully charged three times each by this powerful portable charger. Two versatile USB ports on the charger mean that you can plug in a variety of devices (including an iPad), and always be prepared while you’re on the go. Friends don’t have iPhones? That’s not a problem. The iCarrier is also compatible with iPod Touch, Droid, Android, tablets, and portable game consoles such as the Nintendo 3Ds and Sony PSP. Your teen will be the most sought after kid in school with this charger!


Must-Have Over-Ear Headphones

STREET by 50 Over-Ear Wired Headphone, $249.95


“These headphones are amazing!” said my teen, and I completely agree. STREET by 50 headphones make you feel like you’re in a world of your own while listening to your favorite music. The passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass have prompted me to borrow these headphones from my teen several times – the sound quality is stellar. The over-ear leather cushions are made of soft memory foam and the adjustable headband is made of a custom polymer plastic called SHATTERPROOF UFP™, so parents - you don’t need to worry about the durability of these headphones in a gym bag. STREET’s tangle-free thick removable cord includes a three-click microphone for easy volume control and song skipping. These headphones are available in black, blue, and white. For a limited time they are also available in pink, purple, red, and yellow.


Must-Have Charging Case

New Trent iRock iPhone Battery Case, $79.95

                                                    iPhone Charging Case, iPhone Battery Case

The iRock 2100mAh charging case is best thing you can pack with your teen when they leave the house! The iRock is light and slim fitting, so it won’t weigh down or bulk up their iPhone. It allows up to 11 hours of video playback or 46 hours of music playback. When your teen is away from the house with a low phone battery, a click of a button can charge the phone back up to 100% battery life. No more “my phone died” excuses! 

There you have them - our must-have picks for the 2012 holiday season. Would you add anything to the list? Leave us a comment below so we can check it out! 

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