App-Enhancing Case Could Take iOS Gaming And Assistive Tech To The Next Level

Sensus App-enhancing CaseToday I'm sharing the product that wowed me at CES. The product that left me thinking about the brilliant people behind the concept, the people who said, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..."

The product is called Sensus. Nate wrote about it last week but I thought I'd add my thoughts to the mix, since I'm coming from a teen user and special education background.

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Sensus is an app-enhancing case that could open doors for those with limited motor skills, as well as those with sight impairment, as Nate mentioned. Someone who may not have the motor skills to play games or take pictures using the front of the iPhone screen could use Sensus to set inputs to help them with these tasks.

As the booth representative explained to me, users would be able to set inputs with the Sensus to take pictures. If the top left side of the case was pushed down (or wherever they choose), the user could set the inputs to press lightly to focus an image and press harder to take the shot. For those with muscle-related disorders and other disabilities that affect motor skills, this could be a life changer.

One look at the Sensus video can tell you how this case could benefit you:


The cool factor is, well, pretty cool. I can imagine that teens would be excited to show it off to their friends, especially for the gaming aspect. It would be awesome if apps like Facebook and Twitter got on board with Sensus.

You'll be able to see a list of compatible apps when Sensus companion app launches, probably around mid 2014 when the case is shipped. The Sensus app-enhancing case will be sold for $99 and will be available for iPhone 5/5s users, with plans to move to the iPad mini soon after.


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