Waterproof Battery Case: Review of the iBattz Refuel Aqua

Yes, it's true.

You can now have the convenience of a waterproof and battery case at the same time. 

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iBattz Aqua Refuel Waterproof Battery Case

The folks at iBattz have made yet another amazing product (remember my review of the Battstation Optimus?), and I'm not surprised. They know that iPhone users everywhere love waterproof cases. They also know that we love battery cases. They put them together and made the Refuel Aqua waterproof battery case ($119.95). 

Tough? Yes. Take a look at where this case was tested:

iBattz Aqua Refuel Waterproof Battery Case

Whitewater Rafting in Alaska. No damage to the phone, and no lack of pictures from the trip. 

The Mojo Refuel Aqua case includes an interchangable 2200mAh battery (in case you exceed the 300-500 charges that it provides and need a replacement, or want to go off the grid for a while and rely on several batteries) and is IPX8 certified. It's waterproof up to 3 meters, shockproof, snowproof, dirtproof, and childproof.

The Touch ID on the iPhone 5S isn't accessible when using the Refuel Aqua as a waterproof case, but the case does come with an extra (silver) bumper to use with the battery case when the waterproof case isn't needed. The silver bumper allows access to the Touch ID. 

Some will say that the Refuel Aqua is a little bulky, but I say that it's a waterproof charging case–a waterproof iPhone case that charges your battery on-the-go–and its size is just fine. It's a pretty amazing product, and for what it does, the size is just fine. 

iBattz Aqua Refuel Waterproof Battery Case

The case comes with a pass-through headphone adapter, a battery module, micro-USB charging cable, a top cover, and a protective sleeve. For around $120, this is a great investment for that camping trip or family vacation you're taking.  

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