Incipio iPhone 5 Cases For the Holiday Season

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the current line-up of Incipio iPhone 5 cases. Even as an admitted iPhone case junkie, I had a tough time picking a favorite! 


ATLAS Waterproof Case ($89.99) 

ATLAS Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Incipio

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Incipio is throwing it's name in the ring with the big boys with this tough and versatile waterproof case. This is the first waterproof case I've used that has a softshell (I love it!), and the ergonomic sides truly help you get a comfortable grip on your device. The sealed headphone and charging ports are exactly what your device needs to protect it against the elements. The ATLAS case is snow, water, toddler, drop and dirt resistant and is available in pink/white, dark gray, light/dark gray and blue/black.  


DualPro ($29.99)

DualPro Incipio iPhone 5 Case

The DualPro is easily my favorite case from Incipio. The thin but protective case uses both a silicone inner shell and tough Plextonium outer case to make this one of the sleekest protective cases I've used.

The DualPro has a soft bumper that protects your screen from face-down drops, but doesn't get in the way of swiping or using the new iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor like some do. This case is especially good for kids who have iPhones as it's reasonably priced, protective and comes in 11 color schemes. 


DualPro CF ($34.99)

DualPro CF Incipio iPhone 5 Case

Need something to make your phone stand out? The DualPro CF is the case for you! A dual-layered protective case with a unique look, the DualPro CF has a carbon fiber finish over the Plextonium frame. And don't worry, the radio transparent material in the outer shell will not affect your reception. 

Though this outer case feels a bit less protective than the DualPro, it comes with the same soft bumper to protect your screen against drops and allows all of the phone's on-screen and home button features to be easily accessed. Also available in dark gray. 


Engraved Initial EDGE SHINE ($34.99)

Engraved Initial EDGE SHINE Incipio iPhone 5 Case

Simply fun. The brushed matte finish and engraved initial add a touch of elegance to this slider case. The bottom of the case slides open to provide access for docking. This case does not include an inner soft shell or protective screen bumper. Also available in print initial engraving and black. 


STASHBACK Dockable Credit Card Case ($39.99)

STASHBACK Credit Card Case for iPhone 5

Hold up to three credit cards, IDs or even a few dollar bills inside this dockable iPhone 5 case! This case makes it easy to leave your wallet or purse in the car when heading out for the night or traveling light. The soft silicone inner shell is durable enough to act as a hinge for the bottom of this case and the closure is secure, so you don't have to worry about losing your important items. This case has a glossy finish and comes in five colors. 


STOWAWAY ($34.99)

STOWAWAY Credit Card iPhone 5 Case With Stand

In addition to safely holding credit cards, IDs and cash, this iPhone 5 case acts as a hands-free viewing stand. With it's glossy finish it has a look unlike most other Incipio cases. This case comes in five colors and is make of a soft silicone inner shell and a protective hard outer shell.  The back of the STOWAWAY case closes securely to protect your valuables, and features a solid hinge on the opening door.

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