Eton's rukus XL Solar Stereo and BoostSolar Charger

Eton has a great lineup of solar products available to charge and work with your iDevices. Two that I have had the pleasure of using are the rukus XL and BoostSolar charger. 

rukus XL ($199.99) 

ruckus XL iPhone dock

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The rukus XL solar sound system is perfect for all of your music needs. Use it at the beach, in the car, or by the pool, or carry it around with you while cleaning the house. This stereo is easy to use and as loud as the description boasts it is (22 Watts), making the rukus XL our new favorite toy for outside. 

We took the rukus XL to the beach with us and it lasted all day in the hot sun. The USB port compartment protected my iPhone from the sand and sun while allowing easy access to change playlists. The USB compartment is also where you can charge your device using the stereo battery. The stereo easily connects through Bluetooth to access your music. 

You can charge the rukus XL using solar power or the included AC adapter. After the sun goes down the battery will last approximately 8 hours off of the charge. 


BoostSolar ($99.99) 

BoostSolar Solar Charger

The BoostSolar is a lightweight 5000mAh solar charger for your iDevices. The BoostSolar quickly charged my iPhone 5 twice during use, and charged my first-generation iPad 75 percent with the 2.1A USB. This rugged splash-proof solar charger (with an IPX-4 rating) has built-in fastener loops to easily attach it to a duffel bag or backpack. Extra battery packs are sold separately so you can be sure to never run out of juice while out and about.

We have used the Boost Solar while in the car (the dashboard is the perfect place for it), at the beach, and out by the pool. It's been rained on and dropped without damage.

I love that these products are so portable and durable, and Eton has thought of everything with regard to charging on the go. I feel confident allowing my 9 and 13 year olds use them without concern that they'll easily break. 

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