Don't Forget Dad! The Best iDevice Accessories for Father's Day

Do you have a gadget-loving iDad? Does he get excited to show you all of his new accessories for his iPhone and iPad? If so, we have a few gift ideas for every budget that'll make you Dad's favorite this year on Father's Day!  

1. Star Wars SMS First Edition headphones ($199.95) 

Star Wars SMS Headphones

These STREET by 50 on-ear wired headphones from SMS Audio (owned by rapper 50 Cent) are the same great headphones you know and love, but now you can choose your Dad's favorite Star Wars character to show off. The STREET by 50 wired on-ear headphones are durable and not too bulky. The sound is stellar, in my opinion, and I love the fun extras that SMS stuck in the First Edition packaging: an embossed carrying case that matches your headphones, a Star Wars branded cable with the three-click microphone, a Star Wars branded cleaning cloth, a first edition poster, set of stickers, and certificate of authenticity. Available in Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett, and Stormtrooper. 

Star Wars SMS STREET headphones 

2. The SYNC by 50 over-ear wireless headphones ($399.95)

If your Dad isn't a Star Wars fan, but loves music, SMS has something special for him. The SYNC by 50 over-ear wireless headphones are the top of the line for Dad. With crystal clear sound and a range that reaches up to 50 feet, these headphones are the perfect iPhone companion. The SYNC by 50 wireless headphones feature an ultra-durable adjustable band, 40mm drivers and 16-bit digital sound, on-board controls with bass boost, and leather cushions. The battery lasts for approximately 17 hours and comes with a connector cable in case you run out of juice. Available in black, white, and silver. 

SMS SYNC Wireless Over-Ear

3. Rukus XL by Eton, ($199.99)

My favorite sound system to date, this solar charged stereo connects to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch by Bluetooth and delivers 22 Watts of stereo sound. Other features include the ability to charge your device through the stereo, an AC cable to power the stereo when needed, and a charging compartment for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Battery lasts eight hours so when the sun goes down, you don't have to stop listening. 

Rukus XL Solar Boom Box

4. Olloclip 4-in-1 lens ($69.99) 

5. Quick-Flip case ($49.99)

Is your Dad a budding iPhoneographer? He needs the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens and Quick-Flip case! The quick-flip case provides easy access to the top of your phone for attaching the lenses–fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x or macro 15x. The Olloclip lenses are small enough to easily fit in your pocket and quickly snap on the top of your phone when you need them. 

Olloclip Quick-Flip Case


6. Speck DuraFolio case for iPad mini ($59.95)

7. iSpeck DuraFolio case Pad Air ($69.95) 

Easily the most durable and least cumbersome iPad cases I've come across, the Speck Folio line has something for everyone. The DuraFolio is ultra-thin military-grade protection for your iPad. It has a textured grip and easily folds for several viewing angle choices. Magnets secure the front flap and protect the screen. Available in several colors for each iDevice. 

Speck DuraFolio Case


8. Ventev Glide ($39.99)

The leather Glide case has been designed to fully protect Dad's iPhone with a microfiber lined pouch and magnetic closing flap. When you open the case, a lifting mechanism partially ejects the phone from the pouch for quick and easy access—no digging around for your phone. This slim case is a must-have for those who don't want to carry a bulky case on their phone, but know that an unprotected phone is an accident waiting to happen! 

Ventev Glide case


9. Optrix PhotoProX Rugged iPhone Case ($149.95)

Is your Dad tough on his iPhone? The Optrix PhotoProX is the tough case designed to the the best photos–it includes 4 interchangable photo lenses to get the best pictures out in the real world. The case is drop-proof from 30 feet, waterproof to 33 feet, and is created from military grade materials.

Optrix PhotoProX Case

The macro, fisheye, telephoto, and low profile lenses come with their own tough case and easily screw on to the outer PhotoProX case. Truly the all-in-one kit, the OptixPhotoProX comes with an inner "sled" case, the outer protective case, 4 lenses, o-rings for the perfect fit, a padded lens hard case, a leash for the case, and a cleaning cloth for the lenses. 

Optrix PhotoProX case

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