Checkmark: A List Maker's Dream App

The perfect app for list makers, Checkmark 2 ($2.99) does exactly what it's supposed to do without the bells and whistles that can distract us from our to-do lists and it's on sale for a limited time. I have downloaded multiple list-making apps with no success, but Checkmark has me hooked! Easy to use and always at your fingertips, Checkmark is the last list making app you'll ever need. 

Checkmark allows you to categorize your lists by location (location services must be enabled) or by date and it is very easy to use. The simple yet attractive interface makes your list stand out and helps you focus on the tasks at hand, and Checkmark is iCloud enabled so your data is backed up in the Cloud.

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Checkmark 2 app

Location-based reminders tell you to stop at the grocery store when you're close by or take the garbage out when you get home. Once you customize your locations you can create reminders for multiple locations at once. For example, the app will alert you when you drive by any of the grocery stores on your list. This is helpful if your plans change and your route is changed. Checkmark will even remind you to stop somewhere on a certain day, which is helpful for prescription refill pickups.  

Teens could use location reminders for chore alerts (maybe they are the ones who need to take out the garbage!) and school reminders. The Checkmark app could be helpful for kids planning projects and planning out when homework is due.

My favorite thing about the checkmark app is what it isn't—it's not multi-colored and full of options. It's easy to use and straight to the point. Add a reminder, hit return, then add another.

Checkmark 2

Overdue tasks show in red at the top of your list and aren't pushed to the background and forgotten about (unfortunately, I know this process well.) I love the overview screen that shows me upcoming reminders as well as current (and overdue) ones. You can also easily see your completed reminders with a tap of a button.

Adding recurring reminders is something I do often. I love that I have more options than the Apple reminder app. I can easily set recurring reminders to go off daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on a custom recurring day.

Checkmark app is the one I use daily, and is worth the $2.99 investment. 

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