Zazzle's CaseMate: Durable Cases and Personalized Designs

Zazzle, an online custom-products retailer, has paired up with CaseMate to offer their Vibe iPhone cases in both custom and pre-designed options, designed to protect your phone while allowing you to have the custom phone case you want. 

The Vibe case comes in two pieces, a silicone inner bumper and a plastic outer protective case. Inside the plastic case is a piece of rubber to assist in shock absorption. This model's inner case is slightly different from Zazzle's last model's. The previous CaseMate Vibe came with a full rubber case to line the plastic outer case and I was disappointed to see it go. I am liking this update, though—I still feel that my phone is being protected. 

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CaseMate Vibe at Zazzle

There are over 4,000 pre-designed CaseMate Vibe cases to choose from on Zazzle, or you can easily make your own. By uploading a photo and adding optional text or stock images you can create the perfect case for your personality without compromising quality. My previous CaseMate Vibe lasted for over two years with only slight wear on the outer plastic case. Here are some of Zazzle's fun pre-designed case options:

Chevron Ombre CaseVintage Tape Case

British Call Box Case


What does your perfect iPhone case look like?

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