Back to School Apps and Tips

School is almost back in session and that means many kids will be looking for back-to-school help. Here are some apps and iDevice tips to help make this school year easier on you and your student. 

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gFlashPro ($4.99)

gFlashPro app

Do you remember the days of making flashcards to study? Those were tedious, right? The gFlashPro app takes flashcards to a new level. The flash-card app uses Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create the cards, but it doesn't stop there. You are able to add sound clips, videos, pictures, and graphics to your flashcards, too. If you're not up for making your own flashcards, you can download pre-made cards. Another bonus? You can share your cards and study virtually with a friend. 

Back to School Tip: Don't purchase a graphing calculator for your child until you check out the one on their iDevice. Don't see it? Turn your iDevice on its side (make sure the portrait lock isn't on) and you'll see it:

Graphing Calculator

Click here for more tips about the iDevice built-in calculator.

MyHomework (free)

MyHomework App

This free homework planner is great for kids and parents! It is difficult to keep up with homework sometimes, and even crazier if you have multiple kids. This homework planning app organizes and keeps track of class schedules, upcoming assignments, and test dates. Parents can color-code each entry per child and per due date, keeping the most important reminders at your fingertips.

Back to School Tip: Use the built-in reminder app for important deadlines. Add a reminder, then click the i button to set the reminder for a certain date. You can even set the reminder to repeat or remind you at a certain location. Here is more information about the built-in Reminders app. 

Reminders App

Evernote (free)

Evernote App

There isn't much this app doesn't do. Create separate notebooks for taking notes in each class, capture images of handouts and experiments, and record the teacher's instructions to play back at a later time. You can also set reminders and make lists! This app will be your (and your student's) new best friend. 

Good luck with your new school year! 

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