Looking for Unique iPhone Cases? Cellairis Has What You Need

This year at CES I was able to meet a brand that was completely new to me. I immediately fell in love with the sparkles, texture, and durability I saw. Cellairis carries iPhone and iPad cases, portable chargers, headphones, speakers, and screen protectors. The products I am loving right now are their cases. Cellairis has cases for everyone: moms, dads, professionals, fashionistas, tweens and teens... like I said, everyone. Here are some of my favorites, but don't let me limit you—you should check out the Cellairis line for yourself

If you don't see anything you like here, you might be wanting a personalized case. Cellairis offers several design variations with their Shout! custom iPhone case designer.

Matter Aton for 5C ($27.99)

Durable inner shell and outer case, with a protective anti-slip ring around the screen.

Cellairis Matter Aton for 5C


Debari Crystaria Bloom Case ($49.99)

Beautiful hard shell case designed for every day use. 

DeBari Crystaria Bloom Case


Bespoke Cross-stitch Diary Case for 5C ($39.99)

Fashion meets function!

Cellairis Bespoke Cross-stitch Case


Elle & Blair Whimsicle Fairytale Case ($27.99)

My personal favorite. Durable and especially beautiful at night!

Elle & Blair Whimsical Fairytale Case


Cody Simpson Beach Kid Slim Case ($24.99)

Slim case, which means not as durable, but my beach-loving kid would love to carry this around.

Cody Simpson Beach Kid Slim Case



Rapture Rugged Glitter Case ($29.99)

Who says you can't be tough and beautiful?

Cellairis Rapture Rugged Glitter Case


Rapture Elite ($34.99)

Hard outer shell, soft inner liner means twice the protection for you. 

Rapture Elite

The Charlotte by Lily K. Wong ($300)

Beautiful case with interchangable 18K gold Swarovski crystal bracelet around the outside, additional bracelets available. 

The Charlotte by Lily K. Wong


Rugged Three-Piece ($29.99)

Tougher than the rest with three layers of protection. 

Cellairis Rapture Rugged Three piece


Colossus Matte Case ($19.99)

Simple and durable. 

Cellairis Colossus Matte


Colossus Matte Print ($24.99)

Many designs available! 

Cellairis Colossus Matte Print


Festival Collection, ($39.99)

I've fallen in love with this case! It's on my wishlist for sure. 

Festival Fools


Royal Case by Elle & Blair ($49.99)

This one-piece designer case is durable enough for daily use. 

Cellairis Sparkle iPhone Royal Case

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