At Macworld: Yapper- Create Your Own Apps

Today I got to speak with Chirantan (Chintu) Parikh, CEO ( or Yapper Chief as he calls himself) of SachManya LLC. His company has developed a way that allows you to create your own mobile apps for your company or website.  Simply by going to their site, you follow 4 steps, fill in your information, and your app is done. 

Using the information you provide, they create the app, test it, send it to the App Store for approval and that's it. There is even an option to include push notifications for your app. The app created allows you to send RSS feeds from your site to the app.  You can have up to 12 feeds.  The cost is not unreasonable considering how much you'd have to pay Apple to develop apps for the iPhone. The greatest thing is that you don't need to know a thing about programming. He took me through the process and it is remarkably simple. Even I could do it.

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