At Macworld: Great accessories for Your iPhone and iPod touch

Yes, that's a guy with an Apple logo balloon hat.  It was one of the amazing sights at Macworld. I have never seen so many people in one place. It makes you wonder if anyone is using PC's anymore.  iPhones and Macbooks were everywhere. People were actually apologizing for not having an iPhone.

I met some wonderful people and saw some great iPhone accessories.  One of the coolest accessories was from a company called UNCOMMON. They make hard cases for the iPhone. They have many stock cases but the neat thing is that you can upload you own pictures or graphics and they will make the case.  Cases cost about $40 and are sent out to you in 2 days using standard shipping.  They even have an iPhone app in the App Store that you can use to create your personalized case. You can also go to their website and do it there. I'll be getting one with a picture of my new granddaughter.  They make wonderful gifts for your friends and family that have iPhones.


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I don't know about you, but I hate it when I have to untangle the wires on my earbuds.  I new product I saw was called Bud Sock and it actually does eliminate the need to fight with your wires.  It only cost $4 but seems well worth it. 

The final accessory for today is an overlay for your iPhone keyboard which enables you to touch type.  The clear plastic overlays can be used in portrait or landscape mode and store on the back of the iphone when you don't want or need them such as when you are playing games. The plastic has little bumps on them and according to the maker, speeds up your typing significantly.

Macworld is certainly exciting and exhausting.  iPhone Life has a booth (567) and has been giving away thousands of copies of the latest issue.  It was fun to see copies everywhere you looked.

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