iPhone’s Spotlight Search; Almost Great


I was on Arthur Ave (the Little Italy of Bronx, NY) recently with my best friend and we decided to have lunch at this little restaurant we happened to walk by, Emilia’s. Neither of us had eaten there before so we thought we’d give it a try. It was beyond amazing. We decided to add it to our Contacts so that we’d remember it for future reference. Now we are both at an age that we knew that we wouldn’t remember the name of the restaurant 10 minutes later, but we would remember that it was in the Bronx. Just for the heck of it, my friend did a Spotlight Search using the term “Bronx” and nothing showed up.

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The point of this is that the Spotlight Search function has its limitations. I already knew that Spotlight didn’t search the body of emails, only the headers, but this was a surprise to me.
My friend solved the problem by adding “Bronx” to the Name section of the Contact. If you are relying on the search to help you remember something, make sure that you do a quick search on whatever term you’re going to use to remember it, just to make sure it appears on the list.


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