Great Videos from CES, Part 1


CES 2011 was a showcase for all that's new in the world of consumer electronics. While Apple did not make an appearance, the iOS presence was everywhere. iPhone Life was there blogging and taking video of what we thought was exciting for the iOS user. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. To that end, we are devoting this issue to the videoblogs that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel, iPhonelifemagazine. Click the links following the entries to view the videoblog.

The AirStash acts as a wireless flash drive, wireless SD card adapter, and all-in-one media-streaming device. It uses a built-in lithium polymer battery and connects to your device via Wi-Fi. This is a must-have if you own an iPad and want different ways to transfer files besides using an Internet connection.
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Etymotic Custom Fit Earbuds
Etymotics, a well-respected provider of earphones and assisted hearing devices, has come up with a way for users to get custom fitted earbuds at an unbelieveable price. For about $100, you can enjoy music and comfort heaven.
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Fling Joystick Control for your iPad
If you're a gaming addict, you've have got to get this for your iPad. The clear plastic joystick attaches to the screen so that you can see all the action that takes place.You simply move the joystick to control the screen. Amazing!
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Magic Box Virtual Keyboard  
A company called Celluon has come up with a little deviced called the Magic Cube that is really kind of neat and functional. This small bluetooth device sits near your iPad or iPod touch and projects a virtual keyboard onto the surface of your work area. It also sends out an IR light that is invisible that "reads" you finger movements and tranlates them into keystrokes on your device.
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MiLi Projector for the iPhone
If you regularly show videos or slide shows to groups of people, this small projector is the accessory you need. Simply attach it to your iPhone, turn down the lights and you're all set. The develper even showed how, if you point the projector upward you can watch videos lying down.
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Hat TV
This has got to be one of the more unusual accessories that was shown at CES. This quirky hat with an extended brim provides a shaded environment that allows you to watch videos on your iPhone or iPod touch in bright light or when you want some privacy. Watch the video... I can't do this thing justice.
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Peavey and AmpKit
Peavey has partnered with AmpKit to provide a hardward/software combo for the music lover. If you create or play music, this thing has pretty much everything you could need. Amp, of course, metrome, sure. But this thing is so so much more. You can record, adjust pitch, laydown backround tracks. The list goes on and on. If you're serious about your music, check this out.
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AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard
Interview with Todd Bernhard, writer for iPhone Life magazine and text-to-speech app developer. We interviewed Todd right before the start of CES 2011 in front of the iPhone Life Booth. He showed us one of his text-to-speech apps for the iPad. This is a wonderful app for children of all ages, and especially those with autism
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Kioke Screen Protectors
A new company with big dreams for solving those really pesky problems with screen protectors. I know I've ruin several protectors trying to put them on my iPhone. I hate the bubbles. Kioke has come up with a foolproof way to apply the screen protects.
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