At #CES: Hat TV: Watch Videos in the Privacy of Your Own Hat

You come across many interesting sights as you wonder through the halls during CES, but I have to say TV Hat has to be one of the more unusual.  The hat looks like a baseball cap with a very long brim. There is a flap of cloth that extends downward around the brim. At the end of the flap is a pocket for your iPhone or iPod touch. There is a rectangular magnifying lens between you and the iPhone pocket that can be adjusted back and forth for best viewing. The flaps cut down the amount ambient light for better viewing of your iPhone screen in bright sunlight. It also provides some privacy for viewing movies on a plane. There are accommodations for the placement of your earphones in the hat.


The TV Hat comes in several colors to match your outfits.  I’m not sure TV Hat is for the fashion conscious but wearing one will certainly be a conversation starter for the person sitting next to you on a plane or bus. Purchase at

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