At #CES Etymotic Custom Fit Earbuds


I have a pair of Etymotic hf3 earphones that I love because they stay secure in my ears, have amazing sound isolation and beautiful sound. Being a fan of their products, when I came across their booth at CES, I had to stop in and check out what they’re up to. They have instituted a new program that allows purchasers of any of their earphones to get custom fitted earbuds that can be attached to their earphones. In the past, getting custom fit earbuds used to cost many hundreds of dollars. Etymotic has brought the price down to around $100. I don’t know of any other company offering this feature at this price point.

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The process is easy. After buying a pair of Etymotic earphones, you go to their website, register your product and download a certificate. The website provides a list of certified audiologists around the country that you can go to.  Simply schedule your appointment, have the molds made (a simple and painless process; watch the video for a demonstration) and in about 4 weeks your earplugs arrive. Put them on your headphones, and you are in sound and comfort heaven. 

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