Booq Glass+Case for iPhone 5/5s Is Glass Up Front, Plastic In The Back


Still looking for the best screen protector and case combo for your new iPhone 5 or 5s? Or are you afraid that all the bulky cases available will take away from your iPhone's beautiful design? Take a look at Booq's Glass+Case if you want full, inconspicuous protection.


The Booq Glass+Case for iPhone 5/5s comes with a thin snap-on case (available in black and clear), a microfiber cleaning cloth, a glass screen protector, and two adhesive home button covers. The case isn't much different than other snap cases; the back, sides, and corners of your iPhone will be protected, while the top and bottom are completely exposed. A large cutout provides access to your ring/silent switch and volume buttons.

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The glass screen protector is cut perfectly to fit the iPhone's screen and installation is painless if you know what you're doing.



Since this is a glass screen protector, the Retina display's clarity is unhindered. Colors are just as vibrant and text is just as crisp. Most importantly, it feels like you're using a naked iPhone. Being glass, you don't get that textured, rubbery feeling that some heavy-duty screen protectors are notorious for. There is definitely a difference in the feel of the home button, as it gets recessed by the screen protector. Fortunately, adding one of the included home button covers makes up for it. However, if you're on an iPhone 5s, you won't be able to use Touch ID.

The case, like I've stated before, isn't too special. It does an adequate job at protecting your phone without adding any bulk. 



  • Nearly full protection of your iPhone with minimal bulk

  • Screen clarity remains unaffected

  • Lightweight and feels great to use

  • Easy installation


  • Case is somewhat lacking

  • Recessed home button takes some getting used to


For the price, the Glass+Case from Booq is a nice bargain. You'll get relatively full protection of your iPhone without adding much bulk, and your screen will feel like there's nothing there. Of course, you can always use your own case with the glass screen protector. 

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