Add A Sense Of Nostalgia To Your Photos with Faded

While photos taken with our iDevices may never evoke the same feeling as one from a classic film camera, it doesn't hurt to try. With the thousands of photo-editing apps available in the App Store, it's tough to find one that stands out, but the recently released Faded ($0.99) is one you should take a look at.

Developed by Vintage Noir, Faded aimsto be your all-in-one photo-editing app, complete with 70 film-inspired filters (34 for free, 36 premium filters available via in-app purchase), effects like color gradients and light leaks, and a full suite of tools to adjust your photos.

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Upon launching Faded, you'll be able to take a photo from within the app, or import one from your device's Camera Roll. Once a photo is ready to be edited, a toolbar will appear on the bottom of the screen to provide you with all your editing options.


The first section of the toolbar is home to Actions and filters. Actions are a saved set of adjustments and edits you make to a photo, so you don't have to apply the same filters and adjustments to another photo.

After selecting a filter, a slider will appear to adjust the filter's intensity. From there, it's smooth sailing. Most of the available filters result in a very usable photo, but Faded offers plenty of customization options to get your photos just right.

Even if you don't apply a filter, you can still adjust a photo's exposure, contrast, brightness, and more from within the app. Also available are crop and rotation tools, and photo overlay options.

After editing your photo to your liking, it can then be saved to your Camera Roll, or exported to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


  • Beautiful design
  • Plenty of available filters
  • Intuitive interface
  • "Actions" feature is great for power users


  • Extra filters and effects cost money on top of the app's initial purchase
  • Extensive editing options may be overwhelming for some

The Verdict

Faded is a wonderful app to use if you'd like to make your photos pop with better filters than many comparable apps available in the App Store.

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