Sesame Street meets Podcasts

Dr. Mark WinegarSesame Street Rocks!

Kids love to learn and they're always on the move so it only makes sense to put quality educational content on mobile devices.

We finally have an Apple app for podcasts and it's called Podcasts. Why it took so long is a mystery but it's almost worth the wait!

C|Net says, "The Podcasts interface couldn't be easier to navigate." which is just what we expect from Apple. You can easily discover, download, and play podcasts on the iPhone and iPad!   However, there is a lot of traffic so you may experience delays downloading from the Catalog. See C|Net's Getting started with Apple's Podcasts app for more details.

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Sesame Street is one series families need to check out!

Each episode is a piece of educational magic for young children. They can learn numbers and letters, and expand vocabulary while being enchanted by their favorite PBS characters.

I downloaded the entire series to share with my 2-year-old niece in anticipation. She was engrossed in Disney Junior this morning when I fired up Podcasts on my iPad and selected the segment on the number 3. She lit up like a firefly and danced to my corner of the living room as soon as she heard the Sesame Street theme song. She was enchanted!

This is one app and podcast series every Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and teacher ought to have on their iPhone and iPad!

See the Official Sesame Street webiste for more learning fun!

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