Mobile Learning MOOC Update!

Ready for a new school year?

It's that time again!

Teachers can learn how to infuse their teaching with new mobile learning strategies by participating in the free Mobile Learning MOOC at Coursesites by Blackboard beginning August 27, 2012.

This new learning experience provides 16 weeks of training on topics ranging from authentic assessment to video podcasting. Learning is self-paced with rich multimedia and readings available 24X7. Participants can share their thoughts with other in forums and attend weekly live discussions.

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Yours truly will be teaching the course as a service of the Mobile Learning Studio.

Why not use Blackboard MobileLearn? Since our topic of study is mobile learning it makes sense to use this app when accessing the course. See just how robust the mobile learning management system is when used on your tablet or smartphone. Whether you are using an iOS, Android, or Blackberry device there is a version of Blackboard MobileLearn waiting for you at your app store!

Blackboard MobileLearn lets you learn on the go! You'll find it at the Apps store.

Coursesites is a free service of Blackboard.

Enroll in this free course today! 



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