Mary Had A Little Lamb

Rusty & Rosy ReadingReading is the most important skill young children need to develop.

That's why reading to children is essential but they also need to spend time reading by themselves. The problem is getting them started. Rusty & Rosy Reading rides in to the rescue like the cavlary armed with one of our favorite stories!

Mary Had A Little Lamb is one of the first stories learned by children across America. It's also one of the first songs we learn to sing. Rusty & Rosy were very smart to publish it on the Apple apps store.

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This e-book takes full advantage of Mary and her lamb by presenting their story as a versatile picture book. The first thing I noticed was the tune playing in the background reinforcing the fun of seeing a lamb running through the schoolhouse. But there is more.

You can choose to either listen to the song being sung or the story being read. Each word is brilliantly highlighted as it is expressed which is a smart way to teach words.

Older children may elect to read the story on their own.

Rusty & Rosy Reading's interface is intuitive with a limited number of choices. They use cartoon arrows to signify moving forward and backward through the book, a button to turn the tune on and off and a button for each mode of experience; exploring, reading, and singing. That's a lot of quality design for a free app!

E-books can help your child learn to read well but there is no substitute for the joy shared when you read together. You can help them learn words by first pointing each one out as you read it and then letting them do so.

Some of my best memories are the evenings I read with my daughter until we both fell fast asleep. Today you can carry your stories on an iPhone and read with your child anywhere, even at the dentist's office.

You can find this and many more great stories the share with your children at the Apps Store.



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