Higher Order Thinking with iPads (Part #10 - Posting)


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” - Coco Channel

Expressing oneself is the essence of higher order thinking. If you have something to say share it! 

When we share a video online it becomes a podcast. We can make it available to everyone on the World Wide Web or to a select group of people. But often the first step is to make it available as an individual file you can upload to the commons.

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Youtube is good for more than fun and games. There are countless bits of information shared there. Ask Yogi said, "You can learn a lot by observing.".

I encourage you to create your own Youtube account. Its quick, easy, and free! Then you can upload your files there for public or private viewing. Private podcasts are only available when you have the file’s specific address known as it’s URL (Universal Resource Locator). So you are in control of who may view your private podcasts.

You can provide a link to your Youtube video to students and peers. You can post the link in your Learning Management System. Better yet! You can embed it into your web course so it's experienced as part of your web page. See below.




I made this podcast quite awhile ago so it’s not as good as my current work but it does explain what a URL is.

You can upload your video to Youtube directly from the Camera app. I prefer to email it to myself so I can store the file on my computer where I can edit it before release. 




This podcast demonstrates how to upload a video from your Mac or PC. You can use this method to upload videos to Youtube, Edmodo, and many other sites. 

Or if you prefer you can post your video to Youtube directly from Camera or send it to your audience as an email, tweet, or a phone message. You can even post it on Facebook.

It is easier than ever to share thoughts with your team(s), friends and family, or the world.

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