Flipping Tip: Use Podcasts to Manage Absences

iMovie opening screenUse podcasts to manage absences.

There are valid reasons for absenteeism. I know because I missed most of my freshman year at Benton Harbor High School due to a severe illness. I worked hard to keep up but I was studying on my own.

I nearly passed all my courses too! I would have if only I could have had 5 minutes of instruction per day from my teachers. Unfortunately there were no podcasts or iPhones back in 1967 but there are now.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to make a simple podcast but it can make a significant difference to a student with a desire to learn.

Take a few moments out of each day to record the day's salient points. You can easily make audio podcasts with an iPhone using Voice Memos (free) or GarageBand ($4.95). Or you can make video podcasts using iMovie ($4.95). Its not difficult. 

Keep your popdcasts short and focused on key point(s). You'll be surprised how much you can cover in five minutes! Then email the podcast to the class or post it on your class web page.

 Audio and video podcasts are HTML5 compatible which means they'll play on any computer or mobile device. That's a good ting!

Audio and video podcasts use the MP3 and MP4 file formats respectively. Whenever presented a choice remember to pick one of these. 

I know you want to help your absent students keep pace. They will appreciate your effort and you'll spend less time getting them up to speed when they return.

The whole class will appreciate reviewing your podcasts after hours and studying them for exams. So will parents!

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