Flipping Tip: Set One Minute Rubrics

"The players make the manager, it's never the other way." - Sparky Anderson

The One Minute Manager on IBooksKenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson's story "The One Minute Manager" was first published in 1982 and is as valid today as it was 30 years ago. It reminds us "to look into the faces of the people,we manage [each day and] realize they are our most important resources." It is as true of pupils as it is employees.

Their goal was to enable managers to help people perform at their best. They defined "best" as producing valuable results and feeling good about themselves, their organization and the other people they work with. You might call this a state of deep satisfaction or happiness. It is an intangible of great value.

The mythical One Minute Manager possesses three secrets to creating positive work environments and one minute goal setting is the first.

"The One Minute Manager always makes it clear what our responsibilities are and what we are being held accountable for.” with one page specifications including performance standards. He feels goals should be agreed upon and take no longer than one minute to review. He recommends reviewing goals at the end of each day to reflect on what has been accomplished.

Perhaps we ought to think of our rubrics as one minute goals? 

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Students like knowing what is expected of them and why its important. A rubric ought to be a concise statement answering two key questions.

What is the task at hand? 

A rubric needs to clearly identify the goal or task to be accomplished in a paragraph. Omit superfluous language. Our purpose is to clearly communicate a task and not to exercise our grammatical skills. It is always a good idea to provide examples or models of successful performance.

How will success be measured?

A rubric is very much a performance standard. Each aspect to be scored is listed along with its point value. Take care though not to give specific directions as to how the task is to be accomplished. 

It is enough to say a paper needs to be written in accordance with the MLA Style Guide and the header is worth one point. Do not tell the student how to create the header within the rubric. Part of the learning experience may be referring to the style guide to discover the proper format. This can be easily accomplished by visiting OWL at Purdue University

Your One Minute Rubrics ought to specify expectations so well your students can see how well they are doing as they progress through the assignment. Scores should not be a surprise!

We teachers are managers of learning and an occasional reading of The One Minute Manager can help us keep focused. 
The Berkeley Publishing Group has graciously made it available as a free PDF. You can read it online or with iBooks (pictured above).


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