Flipping Tip: Save a Tree - Use PDFs

Whatever happened to the paperless society?

The personal computer was supposed to eliminate the use of paper for such things as assignments and syllabi but we use 50% more paper today than we did in 1980. Each American consumes about six trees per year (The Economist online). The good news is we can do something about it.

Consider the amount of paper we consume each semester; syllabi, handouts, assignments, papers, and more. It costs a fortune! Do we really need to print all of these documents?

I think not.

We can use PDFs instead!

PDFs are compact reproductions of your original document that cannot be altered by recipients. They are smaller files so they are quicker to transmit than their originals. And they are viewable on virtually any device. I like reading PDFs with iBooks because of all of the great features Apple built into this "killer" app.

You can easily save files in the PDF (Portable Document Format) format with today's word processors, spreadsheets and presentation graphics applications and save the forests.

There is no excuse for wasteful printing when we can email or post a PDF which is immediately available to your readers. 
Just imagine the trees we could save. And the money!

Its a pity we can't change our bad habits so easily.


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"I'm A Lumberjack". The Economist online. April 3, 2012. http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2012/04/daily-chart-0.

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