Flipping Tip: The One Minute Campus Tour

Promote your school and get some exercise at the same time!

The SE corner of the University of South DakotaI'm one of those lucky alumni who live just off campus.

This morning we took a walk around campus and shot some stills of the University of South Dakota for an iMovie trailer. Why? To demonstrate just how easy it is to make a short campus tour video.

Bonnie and I just walked along in the crisp morning air and shot still photographs of our favorite sites. The only tool we needed was my iPhone 4 because I had downloaded iMovie on it from the Apple iTunes App Store a few days earlier.

Shooting pictures was easy! All I needed to do was click on the video camera icon and slide the switch to camera. Then shoot! 

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Not every picture was a keeper but that's my fault. I'm not the world's best photographer. Fortunately, iMovie asks if you want to keep the shot or retake it. Photos are automatically inserted in your movie trailer when you keep them.

Shooting video footage is easier. Just press the record button.

If you wish you can label each image and select an overall video theme. I selected "Bright" to go along with our walk in the early autumn sunshine. 

You can add voiceovers too. Just position yourself within the footage with iMovie's convenient slider. Then click on the microphone icon and start speaking.

Don't forget to select your theme music. iMovie comes with several options or you can select something from your personal collection.

That's it! You now have a virtual tour worthy of your website.

I can imagine a lot of other uses for iMovie on my iPhone. A trip to a museum or zoo can easily become a virutal field trip for your students! It can document students involved in a service learning project.

What can you come up with?

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