Flipping Tip: Hands Off!

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young. The greatest thing in life is to keep you mind young." - Henry Ford

Never touch a student's computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Walk them through whatever they need to do. Demonstrate it on your equipment but never do it on a pupil's device. Doing so robs the student of their best opportunity to learn. 

Sometimes you have to be assertive. A terminally timid woman once took my course in website design. She never submitted any work and she always recoiled when I tried to help. I didn't know what to do. She failed the course but returned the next semester for another go at it. She was as timid as she ever was. One day I was too ill to be in class  but I could teach remotely by calling one of my students on his cell phone.

I gave very explicit directions that everyone was to follow my directions on their own computer and that we would only continue once everyone had completed each task.  In this way the progress of all was dependent on that of each individual.

When I returned to class my timid student was replace by her adventurous version. This time she passed with an "A"! 

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What gave her the courage to try? Peer pressure was certainly a motivating factor. But she had to try the exercises herself. That's how she got the confidence to succeed. 

Perhaps she was just to timid to try in class under normal circumstances? 

Video podcasts provide a versatile alternative to sitting with and coaching each student individually. You can use Keynote, Camtasia, and iMovie to produce concise videos demonstrating specific tasks. Click here to see an example.

Make your videos as short as possible so students can review them without investing too much time. Focusing on a single task helps. You will also want to give your video a name that clearly describes the task covered so it can easily be identified.
 Be sure to post a link in your web course. Better yet, embed it ringt into your course. Click here to learn how to embed videos into Blackboard.

Instructional podcasts allow you to virtually coach your students anytime, anywhere. I wonder what difference they might have made for my reluctant learner?

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